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Topic: Manali is also famous as an adventure

The Dominican Republic is described by Christopher Columbus ""the most picturesque land on earth … rs-jersey/ ,"" he did not understand that it would one day be one of the most well-liked traveller spots in the Caribbean. Columbus could well have been talking about Punta Cana. Punta Cana is a nature lover's heaven, situated in the Dominican Republic on the southeast coast, with 20 miles of unspoiled, white, sandy beaches ruled with swaying coconut trees. What makes this amazing punta cana tours all the more appealing is the average water temperature of 23°C (74°F) and average constant temperature of 25°C.

Shoreline of punta cana excursions is protected by law, making sure that no artificial structure can spoil the natural beauty of the location. The calm, serene beaches with their humid tropical winds are ideal for those who love the adventure and outdoors travel. Tourists can enjoy their favourite water activities amidst the amazing landscape. There are lot of things to do in punta canda. Whether it's swimming with dolphins … rs-jersey/ , diving, or walking in the jungle, a 4x4 motorbike pleasure trip along the beach Punta Cana has something for everybody.

Aside from its splendid punta cana vacations, it includes 15 kilometers of sheltered coral reef which is parallel to the coast and a natural forest reserve of 2,000-acre preserved by the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation. There are numerous activities in punta cana. It even has many unique natural features such as coastal mangroves and freshwater lagoons which make it a joy both for environmentalists and visitors.

Punta Cana has European style surroundings as can be observed in its European style punta cana resorts. Punts Cana is barely a township; it is more like a resort region. The discounted costs of land have fascinated a lot of a hotel holder to start resorts and hotels with widespread facilities for golf, water sports and swimming. Most hotels have their own golf course, all of them properly maintained and located in beautiful environment … rs-jersey/ , making your trip memorable.

Other attractions for tours in punta cana are the Manati Park Bavaro, with performing sea lions and dolphins, an real copy of an very old Taino Indian Village and others. It's no doubt that Punta Cana is known an escapist's fantasy.

One of the best connected and busiest airports in the Caribbean is the Punta Cana International Airport. Punta Cana in 2014 welcomed more than 5.9 million travellers, making it the most visited airport in the Caribbean. It was the first privately owned international airport of the western hemisphere.

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