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Topic: Dominican Republic v Peru, Russia

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It is reality that need of custom-made uniforms has become much more all over the world and this thing has directly influenced the demand for manufacturers as well. Today, countless manufacturers are available in every part of the globe that claims the best making of custom uniforms according to your requirements. Unfortunately, in term of quality and material, only some of those manufacturers can really provide as good as what the customers expect. In fact, the whole fault is not of manufacturers only; there is some responsibility of buyers as well. Some important considerations, then, are worthy taken if you want to choose the best manufacturer to provide you custom-made uniforms.

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TOKYO, June 24 (Xinhua) -- China will face their long-time rivals and world champions the United States after the two teams were drawn in the same first round pool for this year's FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup.

China will seek their revenge for their final loss in last year's world championship as well as the defeat at the last World Cup in 2011.

China and the U.S. have been paired in Pool B which takes place in Matsumoto, Okayama and Komaki, along with South Korea, Serbia, Peru and Algeria.

Host Japan lead the way in Pool A, along with the Dominican Republic, Russia, Argentina, Kenya and Cuba.

There are 30 matches in the first round which takes place over five days and teams are divided into two pools of six teams.

The World Cup takes place across Japan from August 22 - September 6 and features 12 sides including hosts, world and continental champions.

In the second and third rounds teams play the other teams they had not previously played, over six days and 36 matches.

At the end of the competition the medals go to the top three teams, with the top two earning a place at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup, Japan 2015 - Pool Draw

1st Round

August 22

Pool A

Dominican Republic v Russia, Cuba v Kenya, Argentina v Japan

Pool B

United States v South Korea, Serbia v China, Peru v Algeria

August 23

Pool A

Kenya v Dominican Republic, Argentina v Cuba, Japan v Russia

Pool B

South Korea v Peru, China v Algeria, Serbia v United States

August 24

Pool A

Dominican Republic v Argentina, Russia v Kenya, Cuba v Japan

Pool B

United States v China, Peru v Serbia, Algeria v South Korea

August 26

Pool A

Argentina v Russia, Cuba v Dominican Republic, Japan v Kenya

Pool B

United States v Peru, Serbia v Algeria, China v South Korea

August 27

Pool A

Russia v Cuba, Kenya v Argentina, Dominican Republic v Japan

Pool B

Algeria v United States, Peru v China, South Korea v Serbia

2nd Round

August 30

Pool A

Dominican Republic v Serbia, Russia v South Korea, Japan v Peru

Pool B

Argentina v Algeria, Kenya v United States, Cuba v China

August 31

Pool A

Dominican Republic v Peru, Russia v Serbia, Japan v South Korea

Pool B

Cuba v Algeria, Argentina v United States, Kenya v China

September 1

Pool A

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