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PHNOM PENH … er-Jersey/ , March 21 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia on Friday demanded Thailand to open an investigation into the killing of a Cambodian illegal border crosser early this week.

Cambodia's acting Foreign Minister Long Visalo presented a diplomatic note to Thai Ambassador to Cambodia Touchayoot Pakdi on Friday, said Koy Kuong, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He said Thai troops on Wednesday opened fire on a group of nine Cambodians who crossed border into Thailand and killed a 38-year- old man.

"The diplomatic note aims to demand Thai side to open an investigation into the case so as to seek justice for the victim and to bring perpetrators for punishment … on-Jersey/ ," Koy Kuong told reporters.

The note also urged Thai authorities to stop shooting Cambodian people, but arrest them if they have committed any offenses.

Last Friday, Cambodian military intelligence officers alleged that Thai soldiers shot dead 12 Cambodian people who crossed border to log rosewood in Thailand on March 5.

But Thailand has denied its forces shot dead any Cambodians on that day … ck-Jersey/ , according to Koy Kuong.

He said Thai Ambassador Touchayoot Pakdi informed Cambodia that Thai soldiers had made four arrests that day but did not shoot anyone.

According to the report of the Cambodian Ministry of Interior, Thai soldiers shot dead 69 Cambodian illegal border crossers and loggers last year.

Cambodia shares more than 800-km border with Thailand to the north and west.

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