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Topic: The city is home to many manufacturing industries

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"When we were dating and newly married, I KNEW that I had 100% of my husbands heart and thoughts. Now I feel like I'm only an afterthought in his day." Unfortunately, many women can empathize with the thoughts of this wife. Read about the steps that can be taken to win back the heart of your husband.

Step #1 - It's All About 'Me"...

Take a look at the things you can do to bring more peace and happiness to your life. Are you taking DAILY 'me time' where you focus on uplifting and inspirational things?

As you strengthen things internal to your nature, an inner peace will surround you that will bring joy and happiness to you and those around you. Would your prefer to spend your time with someone who is always miserable or unhappy http://www.lionsauthenticofficialonline … ersey.html , or with someone who is happy and doing interesting and fun things to enjoy life?

Enthusiasm and a sense of fun are powerful aphrodisiacs that attract others like a magnet. When you're living a full life with both peaceful and adventurous activities, your spouse will want to spend more time with you.

There is nothing more desirable than a woman who is happy, at peace and having fun.

Step #2 - If You Love Them...Show Them

Look for ways to make your partner's life easier and to show your love. Your marriage should be worth the work to rekindle the love you had before. As you put forward these efforts, you will grow both as a person and as a spouse.

Always be on the look out for little gifts http://www.lionsauthenticofficialonline … ersey.html , or opportunities to serve your spouse that would be special to them. Something as simple as a buying their favorite breakfast cereal or massaging their tired shoulders.

This will go a long way in letting them know your have them at the forefront of your thoughts and actions, they will naturally evolve to doing the same for you as well.

Step #3 - Take Time To Be Intimate

Even though you both have busy schedules and you may not feel like you have enough time to get the basics done each day, take time to be intimate.

Sex is a basic human need that has to take priority over other things, if you have a sexless marriage http://www.lionsauthenticofficialonline … ersey.html , feelings of being taken of granted or uncared for will creep into your marriage.

As you set this as a priority, the other things in your life will fall into place as your marriage is strengthened.

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