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With tourism to the remoter parts of the United Kingdom on the increase there is little wonder that the group of islands … rs-jersey/ , off the west coast of Scotland, known as the Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides, are becoming an increasingly popular vacation destination. If you are planning a Hebridean vacation then it is rather important that you understand some of the things which make this region unique but could, ultimately, cause problems if you do not understand them. This article takes a look at the Hebrides and some of the important aspects of some of the islands.

The Inner Hebrides are those islands in the group which are found grouped together rather close to the Scottish mainland. The largest, and most populated, island is the Isle of Skye which is also the most popular place to visit. At one time it was necessary to travel across to Skye by ferry but the recent building of a bridge means that the island is freely accessible and, in many ways … rs-jersey/ , now part of the mainland.

The Inner Hebrides are extremely well known for their outstanding beauty and this is the main reason why people visit this area of Scotland. While the scenery is incredible the islands also offer superb opportunities for sports. Cycling in the Hebrides offers unique challenges and the range of mountains, on Skye, known as the Cuillins, attract numerous hill walkers and mountaineers. If you wish to spend a vacation in this region you need to understand how changeable the weather can be. The weather can suddenly change from a hot sunny afternoon to a chilly, cold and wet day and back again in a short time. It is therefore vitally important that you have suitable clothing and equipment for all weathers.

A little further out, separated by an area of sea known as the Minch, you will find the group of islands which are known as both the Outer Hebrides andor the Western Isles. Although these islands are very remote they are accessible by several ferries and by air. The main island in this group is the Isle of Lewis which also has the largest population and part of the landmass which includes the Isle of Harris to the south. Further south are the Uists, Barra … rs-jersey/ , Ersikay and a few other smaller islands.

Most people visit the Outer Hebrides to enjoy the most amazing scenery which is somewhat different to the inner islands. While the bulk of Lewis consists of moorland the coast is astounding and it would appear that the further south you travel the more the west coasts of the islands appear to consist of breathtaking shell sand beaches. Cycling is again a popular sport as is walking and hill walking. Fishing and hunting are also popular and there are a number of excellent golf courses. Surfing is becoming incredibly popular and other sports such as wind surfing and sand surfing are in the increase.

Accommodation in the Hebrides is always of the highest standard. Hotels can prove to be a little on the expensive side but the hospitality is unbeatable. Throughout the islands you will see numerous guest houses and smaller houses offering bed and breakfast accommodation available at a very reasonable cost. Sadly it is often the case that such places are fully booked so it is incredibly important that you arrange your accommodation before you set off. It is becoming increasingly common to be able to book accommodation online and there are several web sites listing accommodation in the Hebrides.

The native language of the Hebrides is Gaelic and, over the last few years, there have been moves to rename places in Gaelic. Happily most signposts have an English translation below but it can be rather confusing at times. You will be happy to hear that the vast majority of Hebrideans have English as their second (or first) language so communication should not be a problem. If you hear people speaking in the Gaelic do not assume that they do not understand English as most speak it extremely well and understand it better.

The Hebrides is a deeply religious part of Scotland and many areas observe a Sunday Sabbath. This means that most places are closed on Sundays such as shops, offices, golf courses and even play parks. If you are staying in self catering accommodation this means that you really must ensure that you stock up well in advance with essentials. If you are visiting out of season and staying in self catering accommodation it is also important to check that there are candles as the strong winds can sometimes cause short failures in the power supply.
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