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We Telecom Carrier Migration Chaos – Part 1
spoke in Part I of our blog last week about how can you get a better understanding of what is overlooked in a M&A migration process by utilizing TEM tools. We hit on the below most common factors:
• drive cost reduction initiatives
• new product platforms
• network optimizations
• merger and acquisition integrations
Today we are in a completely different telecom technology space than ever before: the era of real-time provisioning. The changes we are witnessing are like nothing before in scope and their implications for the way humans work. This is the era of the enabled the communication infrastructure Marian Gaborik Jersey , cloud-based computing, mobile technology, and the the digital ecosystem.
With this rapid change, we spend a lot of our time helping our customers develop a deeper understanding of the components of customer value while making strategic blueprints that can better respond to shifts in customer requirements. We monitor through our TEM tools not only the immediate needs of customers for faster speeds, more bandwidth, faster MACDs and better internal controls, but also the intangible elements that drive the cost to provide this level of service. Moving to real-time provisioning involves understanding and predicting what internal users and customers will need right now. TEM software helps customers have visibility and transparency that can be leveraged through the new technological capabilities of inexpensive cloud-based computing, fluidity of MACD’s and inventory control within the digital ecosystem.
There are two key core elements of real-time provisioning: speed and visibility. speed is the ability of a company to drive orders rapidly from carriers. Visibility allows customers to see work-flows Marcel Dionne Jersey , inventories and cost metrics to all key decision-makers in the extended provisioning and sourcing environment. Together, these move both activities towards a streamlined and sustainable future. Visibility allows individuals to see what is going on, and empower these individuals to interpret information and rapidly make decisions in response to data.
Speed and visibility are only possible to the extent today because of the evolution of technology. Clearly the establishment of the Internet spurred the explosion of information and the plethora of provisioning management tools and applications now harvesting data to better drive cost reduction initiatives, new platforms, network optimizations and help integrate M&As. As companies begin to engage and mediate impacts upstream and downstream by utilizing tools such as TEM software, the power of this force will become evident.
Source: http:network-controlblogtelecom-migration-chaos-part-2
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