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By Christine Lagat

NAIROBI Nike Air Vapormax Black Sale , Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- Bernard Nyaribo's friendly demeanor, sense of humor and entrepreneur prowess have earned him rock star status in the sprawling Nairobi's Kibera slums where he has lived for the last six years.

The 29-year-old father of one has defied the stereotypes attached to slum dwellers and has set his eyes on the bigger prize irrespective of the gigantic struggles ahead.

Born and raised in a farming village in Western Kenya, Nyaribo migrated to the Kenyan capital after high school and settled for casual jobs to make ends meet.

As a casual laborer, Nyaribo earned peanuts and could not afford to rent a house in the leafy suburbs and was forced to rent a one room shack located at the heart of Kibera slums.

He told Xinhua during an interview on Thursday inside his house, that he was emphatic that living in the slums has not dampened his future aspirations to become a successful entrepreneur.

"Life in Kibera slums has its fair share of challenges that include poverty, crime and pollution. Nevertheless Nike Air Vapormax Sale , I have not given up hope of becoming a successful business man in Nairobi," Nyaribo told Xinhua.

Having given up on casual jobs, Nyaribo is currently a water vendor and earns 60 dollars per month to cater for household bills like rent, food, water and electricity.

Nyaribo's daily wages are not sufficient to cater for the needs of his immediate and extended families.

He lives with a school going younger brother and being a first born obliges him to care for his parents and other sibling who live in the ancestral village.

"Each day, I spend three quarters of my earning to buy food and pay for washroom services. The rent is high yet the living conditions here in Kibera are appalling Off White Air Vapormax White Sale ," said Nyaribo.

His supportive wife and bubbly two-year-old son motivate him to work harder and he hopes to strike a jackpot soon and relocate to a safer neighborhood.

Nyaribo's moving narrative is an inspiration to millions of Kenyan youth confined to the margins due to poverty.

Despite living in a one room shack that leaks when it rains and has no lavatory or piped water, Nyaribo is optimistic his fortunes will improve soon.

"I'm confident my business will improve and possibly relocate to a bigger house. I have great plans for my family if my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur is fulfilled," Nyaribo told Xinhua.

The world famous Nairobi's Kibera slum is a haven for poor but ambitious Kenyan youth are determined to make a difference in the society.

Home to an estimated half a million people, the expansive Kibera slums epitomizes urban squalor, crime, communicable diseases and official neglect.

Nevertheless Off White Air Vapormax Black Sale , Kibera's burgeoning youthful population has unrivalled creativity, passion and ingenuity that has slowly transformed a dreaded shanty village.

David Onyango, a 23-year-old university student who was born and raised in Kibera told Xinhua that material deprivation has instilled the virtues of hard work, resilience and unity among youth in the shanty town.

"There are so many challenges every youth born and raised in Kibera has to contend with but there is always light at the end of the tunnel if one remain focused and disciplined," Onyango said.

The son of a single mother revealed that he started doing casual jobs at a tender age to enable him buy clothes and pay tuition fees.

"I have five siblings and my mother cannot afford to meet their financial needs. During the vacations, I engage in manual work to help offset family debts Air Vapormax Off White Sale ," said Onyango.

His involvement in community service has sharpened his soft skills and aspires to become a youth mentor after completing the university education.

"I hope my university education will help transform the youth in this neighbourhood. Majority of them lack formal employment and are tempted to join criminal gangs as an alternative," Onyango told Xinhua.

The elderly Kenyans who live in Kibera slums are still eyeing brighter horizons even as poverty and despair lurks in the background.

Jane Kabole, a middle aged mother of four who has lived in Kibera slums for the last two decades is upbeat about the future despite gloomy predictions from her comrades.

The veteran dress maker has a sustainable revenue stream thanks to a thriving business and support from older children who are gainfully employed.

"My business has been profitable though it recently experienced a slump due to competition and inflation. I'm hopeful things will improve in future," said Kabole.

On a good day, she earns 200 U.S. dollars from dress making and has been able to pay household bills without much struggle.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 20 (Xinhua) -- The University of California (UC) and Vox Media Air Vapormax Pink Sale , a U.S. digital media company Headquartered in New York City, launched a video series Thursday on climate change.

The new series, known as Climate Lab, of six episodes, is available on the UC Climate Solutions website and Vox's YouTube channel, and intends to answer a question: Why are humans so bad at thinking about climate change?

Conservation scientist M. Sanjayan Air Vapormax Grey Sale , a visiting researcher at the University of California, Los Anegeles, hosted the series and talked about his approach toward the question and its answers, including what has worked successfully to address the issue of ozone depletion.

The first episode looks to psychology and social relations to unpack the reasons why humankind has been slow to respond to what Sanjayan calls the biggest challenge of our lifetimes, as compared to other serious, but not as overwhelming Air Vapormax White Sale , challenges like the hole in the ozone layer, which is now well on its way to full repair.

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