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LONDON, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said on Friday that the Chinese government and business sector had cast the "vote of confidence" in the China-Britain relations despite uncertainties after the Brexit referendum.

Liu said in a signed piece of article published by the Politics First Magazine on Friday that the vital interests that bond the two countries together and the fundamentals of their bilateral relations had remained unchanged.

"We hope that the changes within British politics will not compromise the UK government's consensus and commitment to working with China for a sound China-UK relationship," he said. "We hope that, regardless of any foreign policy adjustments in the UK, advancing ties with China will always be a priority in Britain's external relations."

The Chinese diplomat said that for the China-Britain ties to grow and sustain, it is important that the two countries respect each other, treat each other as equals and take into account each other's core interests and major concerns.

"Looking to the future, we need to stick to this important principle, cherish what has been achieved through hard efforts, and seize today's opportunity and work for a future of lasting, stable and sound China-UK relations," he added.

Regarding the coming G20 Summit, Liu said that he is convinced that the meeting will set new goals, map out a new blueprint and introduce new dynamism to the future of the China-Britain relations.

The ambassador's latest comments on the renowned bimonthly magazine came one day after he published another two signed article on the Daily Telegraph and the China Daily UK Edition inaugural issue and its website.

In those two pieces, Liu urged his country and Britain to enhance cooperation in an array of areas ranging from infrastructure investment to international financial framework and build stronger political mutual trust.

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