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HOHHOT … ws-Jersey/ , Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, one of China's largest dairy providers, has signed a deal with U.S. milk cooperative Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) to set up a world class dairy plant in Kansas.

The joint venture has a registered capital of 100 million U.S. dollars with Yili holding 30 percent of the stake, according to a bulletin published by the Shanghai-listed firm on Thursday,

The new plant plans on producing 80,000 tonnes of dairy powder a year.

Zhang Jianqiu … la-Jersey/ , CEO of Yili, said bridging American dairy farmers with Chinese consumers, the project was a win-win deal. For the Yili, it improves dairy making technology and quality management.

Yili reaped net profit of 2.3 billion yuan (374.6 million U.S. dollars) in the first half of this year, a jump of 31.93 percent year on year, ranking first among Chinese dairy producers … es-Jersey/ , according to a company report in August. The dairy company's operating revenues during the period reached 27.3 billion yuan, up 13.59 percent year on year.

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Suggestions on how to make use of email direct marketing Published: 30.06.2009 | Author: gaoxiong | Category: Business

Among the countless marketing channels, email marketing has become increasing remarkable currently, especially in wholesale marketing projects. As email is already a must-have for every modern family or even every human being in this technology age, email marketing can be very effective to increase} the page rank to your site and assist you to boost profits. Even though the key role of email direct marketing has been extensively acknowledged … an-Jersey/ , still a lot of people rarely know about in what methods to effectively apply email marketing to boost deals. This article will give you some tips below.

Opt for permissive email online marketing
It is quite common that after you become as a member of a website, you get promotion emails from that website from time to time. You may feel weird as you are sure you did not subscribe for such marketing emails before. In fact, that is so called 鈥渕andatory email marketing鈥? one of the email marketing models lots of companies resort to. That is to say, when you registered on a website, you are forced to receiving their marketing emails acquiescently. You have no option whether you want them or not! From the perspective of customers, this can be rather intrusive and annoying. More than often … sh-Jersey/ , they just delete the emails or transfer them to the trash folder. It may happen that some of them still open the emails or even buy products through the email. But on a long term, it is not a good option to maintain a high-standard service to convert these customers. It鈥檚 better that you ask the clients whether they need the company emails and want what type of emails. It will be much more effective if you send them emails after you get the permission as they need them! Put it in a nother way, permissive opt in email online marketing indicates the service quality of the company and also the confidence of that organization.

Understand your subscribers
This step looks simple but extremely decisive for a great email marketing. If you really want to double the click through rate of your marketing emails and gain high customer conversions, you should know well what your clients need. Besides the primitive information about your customers including when they subscribe and why they subscribe, you should endeavor to dig deeper into their specific needs, interests … ng-Jersey/ , advice, opinions and feedback. The easiest way is to leave several questions in the subscribing process. Of course, you should design the questions as simple as possible, otherwise they may torture the customers鈥?patience. Another way to get familiar with your customers better is to make surveys among them, often contained in a particular advertising email. Again, surveys of this kind should be made as compact as possible … en-Jersey/ , yet with specific goals. In the case with a wholesale commodities marketplace, marketing emails should be rich in sorts and sent to diversified targeted clients. For example, do not send emails exclusively about clothing to a client who only has interest in car parts. Most often it would be a waste of time and budget mailing emails to wrong people.

Make people click your emails and take a look at them
It is important to know how to make your mails attractive among the hassle of endless marketing mailings. The initial move is, of course, to get people open your emails. But how to do it? Just show your email subject as convincing as possible. It is a profound skill to make your email subjects screaming 鈥渙pen me!鈥? As it is widely agreed, words play the most subtle part in affecting peoples鈥?consumption behaviors. To know in what ways to opt for the most appealing email titles … ks-Jersey/ , you should study a lot on the previous examples you have handled before as well as those classic cases from other sources. In addition to the language skills, you should also be thoroughly aware of the present market trends which to a large extent stand for the potential needs of clients. Next, after they open your mailings, it is equally important to convince them to read the mailings as this may lead to their purchases from your site! But also, how to reach the goal? {First, make the whole page reader-friendly with a guide menu at the top … ia-Jersey/ , on the left or on the right. Then, make every section or item clearly demonstrated. Last but not least, add eye-catching ad words to the item pictures or opt for incentive expressions to describe the items.

See? Email online marketing is not that difficult. Just comply to some fundamental rules and work hard on it. But to reach the best effects including high clic.