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Are you losing $$money$$ on supplements???It is a fact of life that supplements … gs-Jersey/ , (particularly body building supplements) are outrageously expensive, and you have to ask yourself how the manufacturers and their online outlets can possibly justify the price. Well, we have carried out some research, and this article has been written to detail our findings.

In the end it all comes down to the profit margins that the supplement suppliers have engineered. Yes, we all understand that any sort of enterprise is in business to make a profit. Profit is the oxygen that keeps companies afloat. It allows them to reinvest in new products and research and development for the future. But in many instances … ow-Jersey/ , the profit margins that the supplement companies are making, are astronomical, in the region of 10,000 ! How are they able to possibly justify such an extortionate profit?

What we have found during the research that we undertook, was that it is the ingredients that suffer. All supplement manufacturers list the ingredients in the products both on the packaging and on the internet adverts as well. These are the active ingredients that give the products the power to perform their functions.

What we have found is that in all too many instances … re-Jersey/ , the actual proportion of these active ingredients is kept to a bare minimum. In many instances, the proportions are so low as to render the products of which they are part next to useless.

So, not only are the supplement manufacturers making obscene profits, but they are cheating the public in the process. It is little wonder that many people have bought these products in all good faith, but then end up believing that they don?t work … on-Jersey/ , and indeed they don?t at the recommended serving size. However, it?s not the active ingredients that are at fault, it?s the lack of them. There?s just enough in the product to make their advertising legal, but not enough to make them work. It?s no surprise that so many people are so disenchanted with the herbal supplement and body building supplement industries.

To give you an idea of the cost to sales ratios, our research indicates that a supplement that retails at $50 $60 … ew-Jersey/ , contains no more than $5 $6 worth materials. We understand that there are costs of advertising to be recovered also, but even when you amortize that cost across the amount of product sold, it still shows an incredibly high profit figure.

But did you know that it is entirely possible,(and quite easy too), to make your own supplements? We are now talking specifically about the body building industry. Having done the necessary calculations … ts-Jersey/ , we can reveal that you could save yourself up to 98 on the cost of body building supplements (fat burners and bulk out supplements etc) by making them at home. It is easy to do. It isn?t rocket science. If you?d like to check this out for yourself, why not log on to www.supersupplementsecrets , and you?ll see exactly what we mean.

So now is the time to stop lining the pockets of these supplement supplier con men. Make your own supplements; end up with a product that really works; and save yourself a fortune to boot! Why delay any further? Get on the internet now and put money back in your pocket.
Tennis is one sport that has long received international attention. As such, it should come as no surprise that the organization responsible for the bringing the four Grand Slams to the international stage, the International Tennis Federation … rd-Jersey/ , is one that is held in such high esteem.

The History of the ITF

The International Tennis Fed. was originally established by 12 national associations after meeting in France in 1913. By 1924, the Federation became the first organization to be the officially recognized authority for lawn tennis as its "ILTF Rules of Tennis" were the ones followed throughout the world. By 1977, the federation removed the word "lawn" from its name since most tennis was not actually played on grass fields.

The International Tennis Federation was originally based in Paris, but was moved to London during World War II due to funding issues. The Federation remained in London until 1987, at which time it was moved to Wimbledon. It was later moved to Barons Court and then finally to the Bank of England Sports Ground in Roehampton in 1998.

The International Tennis Federation is responsible for a wide range of national and international tennis competition. The men's Davis Cup … er-Jersey/ , the women's Fed Cup and the mixed team's Hopman Cup are all operated by the Federation. In addition, the Federation organizes the four Grand Slam competitions, which consist of the French Open, the Australian Open, the US Open and Wimbledon.

The majority of other high-level tennis tournaments are controlled by the ATP Tour and the WTA Tour … Jr-Jersey/ , but the International Tennis Federation organizes the majority of the lower tier tournaments throughout the world. The one week "Future" tournament of the ITF Men's Circuit is one example of the lower tier tournaments organized through the International Tennis Federation. Nearly every male tennis player within the ITF Men's Circuit starts off by playing in the Future tournament. The International Tennis Federation also organizes the under-18 boys and girls junior circuit, which is played at the international level.

The International Tennis Federation's Publications

The ITF used to put out a publication entitled "World of Tennis," but that was replaced by "The ITF Year" in 2001. The publication, which is edited Mitzi Ingram Evans, is the official yearbook of the Federation and describes the activities that took place during the preceding year. The yearbook is published each year in January … er-Jersey/ , generally coinciding with the timing of the Australian Open.

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